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Website development in Chicago

You can order a website with the best quality at a reasonable price in Chicago. Our studio designs resources turnkey. We offer the development of a smart and modern portal, its filling, attracting an audience with contextual advertising and much more. We will take into account all your wishes when fulfilling your order.

What kinds of sites we make

The form of the site is chosen for a reason. You need to know clearly for whom it is intended, what will be there and what functions it will have. Given all this information, you will make your choice.

Our company develops:

  • Landing Page. A simple site – one page. It will contain brief information about a particular product or service. Thanks to this site the client will feel that he needs precisely your product and will want to buy it.
  • Site-card with a little more pages – from 5 to 10. Here brief information is given about your organization, a particular products and services. It can be a direct advertisement, an incentive to call you or sign up for a newsletter.
  • Corporate website. This is a complete website with many sections. There can be categories about your company, your employees, the history of your organization, a list of your products and services, and much more that you want. There’s no explicit advertising. This is just an informative site, which gives you a good image on the Internet.
  • Catalog. A targeted site focusing only on products and services. The user can check prices and selection in detail before visiting your store or other business.
  • Online store. Here the user can not only see the characteristics of the product, but also add it to the cart, pay and order delivery.
  • Portal. There are a lot of tasks for making a portal. This is a complex site with many functions. But it is very effective in terms of marketing. There is a blog, a section with reviews, the option to sign up, a database, and other functions.

Besides, we can make an independent social network and even a mobile app.

Stages of work

More complicated is your technical requirement – longer will be the process of work. But the result is of high quality. However, we can create an online store in Chicago in 1-2 months. On a landing page or business card it takes less time – from 1-2 weeks.

The work is carried out in several stages:

  • Preparation of the technical task. This stage is the basis for further work. In the technical task should be: the type of the site, its appearance, the number of sections, functions, target audience. To ensure that we were able to realize all your ideas, describe them as specifically as possible.
  • Discussion of the technical task with the customer. We definitely go over all the points of the specifications and make adjustments.
  • Layout design. We delegate the work to our designers and artists. They will provide the structure and appearance of the resource.
  • Approval. We send you the layout. You express your opinion. You can change colors, the position of some elements, make your own changes in the structure, provide other pictures or images.
  • Coding. After agreement, we connect the pages and get the functions ready to operate. The site is complete and ready to be used at this stage.
  • Choosing a CMS. With an automated management system, you can easily modify the site, rewrite texts, update the blog, and even add new sections.
  • Placing a resource on hosting. You select the rates we offer. They can be free and paid, which are very powerful and can handle a huge influx of visitors.
  • Attracting traffic. We pick the best channels up to attract traffic for you – contextual advertising, link exchanges, custom articles, search engines and so on.

At our web studio, we can design any website in Chicago and help you make your company famous online.

Still have questions for website development in Chicago? Contact us in any way you like and get a full consultation!

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