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Website development in Ottawa


A good electronic resource is the key to the success of any company. Our task is to create a fast working, multifunctional and stylish website for you, to fill it with content and to compose and implement effective advertising. Our web studio is located in Ukraine. But we successfully cooperate with clients from Ottawa.

Our services

The first thing you need to do before ordering a website in Ottawa is to set your goal and tasks. In other words, why do you need a site, and what kind of content should be there. These questions are very important in the development.

What can we develop:

  • Landing Page. It is a single page that can be scrolled down. Here the buyer does not see anything superfluous except for a particular product or service. Information about their main advantages is given briefly and clearly here.
  • Business card. It is a simple site consisting of 5-10 pages. It tells about the company or an individual specialist, the reader sees his portfolio. A price list or a simple online calculator for estimates are also acceptable here.
  • Corporate website. A full-featured multifunctional resource, which can be useful for both potential customers and potential partners. Such sites are usually integrated with internal accounting systems.
  • Online stores. Creation of modern projects for e-commerce.
  • Marketplace. Online sale of goods and services. The buyer can order delivery and pay by card.
  • Promotional site. This type of resource presents a new product or service. Its purpose is to attract the client’s attention with the benefits of the products.
  • Portal. It is a comprehensive site with many features. It has a blog, a news feed, access to logging, commenting, rating, subscribing, online payment, and so on.

And that’s not all! We can develop for you absolutely any website or other project that has no analogues in the United States. Our web studio employs qualified programmers, coders and designers with no limits!

How we design websites

An online store development in Ottawa takes up to 1 month. We can tell you the exact term only after we have become fully aware of your requirements. It is also important to keep in regular contact with us during the process.

How is our work structured

  • First, we analyze the industry in which you work, determine the target audience and study competitors.
  • Formation of technical specifications. This is done jointly with the customer.
  • Then we develop a layout of the site and send it to you for approval. If you don’t like it we redesign it to your liking, if everything is alright, we connect the pages and complete them with fillers.
  • Programming. Next, functionality and scripts are developed. After that we can work with the site.
  • Before release, we check the site and make adjustments.
  • The last action – the release. We choose a suitable hosting, host the platform and release it publicly.

Our services also include hiring a copywriter who will fill your site with quality content, help with advertising and conduct SEO optimization.

We create multi-functional, attractive and optimized resources for you and help you get stable traffic.

Still have questions for website development in Ottawa? Leave your contacts in the feedback form to order development or get a free consultation.

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Website development price in Ottawa

The price for website development in Ottawa by our company’s specialists starts from $2499.

For this money it is quite possible to get a modern business card website.

We announce the specific cost of creating a website after all the details have been clarified and a complete technical specification is available!

Cost of developing an online store in Ottawa

The cost of creating an online store in Ottawa starts from $3999.

The exact cost of creating an online store depends on the amount of work, complexity of functionality and design refinements.

Ottawa site support

We offer a service to support websites and online stores in Ottawa and any other city in both Canada and other countries.

To do this, it is enough to conclude a contract for site support.

Local SEO in Ottawa

We provide services for local SEO promotion of websites and online stores in Ottawa.

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